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Tosk Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving outcomes for cancer patients by developing new drugs to improve the safety and efficacy of existing therapies and to block the activity of cancer genes.

Side effects limit the use and effectiveness of many of today’s pharmaceutical products. Tosk employs proprietary methods to discover and develop new drugs that selectively block the adverse effects of existing treatments while maintaining their efficacy. Tosk’s drugs are not only designed to improve cancer treatment regimens, but since they are inexpensive, small molecules, they will serve a worldwide market, not just affluent countries.

Tosk also recently developed a new technology to find drugs that block activity of cancer genes. This technology is being deployed to discover drugs for indications that have previously been considered “undruggable.” Tosk’s first target for this technology is the mutant kRAS gene that drives as many as 30% of all cancers.


Improve the quality of life and outcomes for patients by preventing the adverse side effects of existing cancer therapies and developing new drugs to slow tumor growth.

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