Tosk uses two proprietary discovery methods to identify potential CompanionTM drugs. Together, we call these methods OMDTM for Optimizing Marketed DrugsTM because they allow us to efficiently screen compounds for their potential to block the adverse side effects or make certain drugs effective in patients who currently do not benefit from therapy.

The OMD technology involves the use of the common fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster), a surprisingly complex animal species. To discover side-effect-reducing agents, we test whether screened agents can rescue normal fruit flies from the toxic effects of widely used cancer therapeutics. We call this approach the Side Effect Fly Model.

Our other proprietary screening method, the Genetically Modified Fruit Fly Model, is used to discover drugs that target specific human cancer genes. In this model, we implant cancer genes into the fruit flies. We then screen for compounds that block the activity of the human cancer genes in the fly.

We have used the OMD technology to help discover and patent TK-90 for mucositis side effect reduction and TK-39 for cardiotoxicity side-effect reduction. We are optimizing leads identified using the OMD platform for nephrotoxicity side effect reduction and kRAS oncogene blocking.

The Common Fruit Fly – Drosophila melanogaster