Is the Treatment worse than the Disease?

As anyone who has had cancer, or had a loved one with cancer, knows, the side effects of treatment can often be more debilitating than the disease itself. Besides the pain and suffering caused by the side effects, they can limit dosing and often are more expensive to treat than the cancer itself. Doctors, and patients, frequently are faced with the question, “is the treatment worse than the disease itself?”

Tosk's answer is no. Our scientists have worked for more than 15 years to make common front line "parent" cancer treatments, both drugs and radiation, safer and more effective by combining them with our CompanionTM drugs, which are given simultaneously. We term this approach Proven Solutions Improved SM because the one-two combination strips away toxicity and enables optimum treatment. We have achieved Proof of Concept in recent human trials for our first patented drug, TK-90, which protects against mucositis, the painful, life threatening and dose limiting side effect of methotrexate and a range of other cancer treatments.

The journey of TK-90 from lab to product is a good example of how Tosk's researchers and the proprietary processes they employ work in our quest to discover new drugs. In the case of TK-90, scientists initially identified the toxicity level of the parent drug -- in this case methotrexate -- in fruit flies, then screened thousands of chemical compounds for their potential to reduce or eliminate the toxic effects. More complicated tests identified "hits," which were then tested in human cell culture models to select promising "leads." Leads were then tested in rodent models, the most effective eventually leading to the design of TK-90. An IND for TK-90 was approved by the U. S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the minimum review time of 30 days, and TK-90 then entered human trials. TK-90 is one of four drugs in development, with more possible in the future given our innovative, patented research platform.