Preclinical efficiency testing in a rat model of doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity reduction has demonstrated statistically significant protection.
December 12, 2017
The pharmaceutical research company Roots Analysis talks to CEO Brian Frenzel about Tosk’s promising kRAS program.
May 15, 2018

California Drug Developer Tosk, Inc. Announces Two Milestones for Transformational Cancer Treatment

Tosk, Inc., marks six months of significant human trials of drug eliminating toxic effects of common cancer therapies, grant by National Cancer Institute (NCI).

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 20, 2018 / — Tosk, Inc. announced today that it reached two major milestones in its goal to dramatically transform cancer treatment and improve outcomes for cancer patients. Tosk is a biopharmaceutical focused on developing drugs that block the toxic side effects of certain common cancer therapies, as well as making certain therapies effective in patients who do not currently benefit from treatment.

The first milestone marks the sixth month of human trials for Tosk’s TK-90 drug. Physicians managing the trials report that the TK-90 study is proceeding according to plan. TK-90 is intended to block mucositis, which is a dose-limiting and potentially fatal adverse effect of certain cancer treatments. Mucositis is the destruction of the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract, which can result in painful ulcers in the mouth and the rest of the GI tract. Mucositis also often creates route of infection that can endanger immune-compromised patients.

Tosk’s second milestone is the acceleration of the company’s promising kRAS oncogene drug research and development program based on funding from a $2 million grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Tosk’s objective — and a very high priority for the NCI — is to develop a drug to make EGFR-inhibiting therapeutics, such as Erbitux®, effective in the 40 percent of patients that do not currently benefit from treatment. Such a drug could also be effective as a primary therapy to treat kRAS-positive cancers, such as pancreatic, colon, lung, and others.

Tosk is led by its CEO, drug industry veteran Brian Frenzel. Prior to joining Tosk, Frenzel co-founded four successful medical startups and led global planning activities as Director of Corporate Planning at Syntex Corp., then the largest West Coast pharmaceutical company.

Mr. Frenzel said, “Media headlines often announce new ‘Wars on Cancer’ and dramatic cancer therapy breakthroughs, but the fact is that most improvements in outcomes for cancer patients during the past 20 years have come from improvements in using older therapies. Those include better dosing regimens, combination therapies, and targeted medications. Tosk’s strategy is to administer our CompanionTM drugs alongside certain cancer therapies, such as methotrexate, doxorubicin, cisplatin, EGFR inhibitors, and radiation — what we call parent therapies — to significantly improve patient outcomes globally2. In other words, “Proven Solutions ImprovedSM

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